About Us

DISTRIPHIL is a national pharmaceutical distributor, primarily focused on marketing and distributing our proprietary products.

We also offer sales and marketing assistance, along with warehousing and distribution services, catering to both national and multinational pharmaceutical companies for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and nutritional supplements.


At DISTRIPHIL, our focus is on the individuals we serve, as they are the essence of our purpose. We serve by innovating and setting higher standards in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Who we are

Distriphil is a national pharmaceutical company. It falls under MVC Corporation, renowned for its subsidiaries, particularly Fast Logistics Corporation – Fast Services, Fast Distribution and Fast Cargo Logistics which stands as the leading provider of supply chain solutions in the Philippines.

What we do

At Distriphil, our actions are guided by the conviction that we must deliver nothing but the finest to our patients. This commitment drives us to maintain the utmost quality standards. Our warehouse facilities guarantee that both storage and transportation of pharmaceuticals, including those sensitive to temperature, align with WHO standards.


To be the Preferred Partner amongst Healthcare Practitioners and Patients in Health and Wellness Solutions

We are committed to setting New Standards and Excellent Service in Healthcare Solutions. Working together to provide access to High Quality and Affordable Medicines.