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Distriphil believes in the value of giving the best for Filipino patients.

Distriphil is a national pharmaceutical distribution company in the Philippines. While relatively new to the pharmaceutical industry, our team consists of experienced professionals, each offering valuable expertise and unwavering dedication to our mission. As part of the esteemed Chiongbian Group of Companies, we stand united in our commitment to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry. Distriphil aspires to lead the pharmaceutical industry as the premier partner in promoting health and wellness solutions.

Providing Health and Wellness

AT DISTRIPHIL, our heartfelt commitment lies around the people we support, making them our top priority in all aspects. We offer personalized services tailored to support the business objectives of both national and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

At DISTRIPHIL, we prioritize the growth of each employee, both professionally and personally, fostering an environment that promotes excellence.

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