What We Do

DISTRIPHIL offers personalized services tailored to
support the business objectives of both national and
multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Contract Sales and Marketing Organization

Distriphil can custom-build sales and marketing team that can provide your company’s specific needs. Our CSMO is structured to offer extensive reach, higher share of voice and positive impact to your product. Our knowledge and resources in recruiting and training allow us to efficiently prepare a team for rapid deployment.


DISTRIPHIL offers solutions that enhance business value and optimize supply chain efficiency. The combination of our distribution network, expertise in supply chain management, and customer service guarantees product availability and prompt deliveries to end users.

Warehousing / Safekeeping

We are proud to offer strategically located hubs and warehouses throughout the Philippines, tailored to fulfill your requirements for cold, cool, or ambient warehousing. Each of our hubs and warehouses has undergone rigorous audits by multinational pharmaceutical companies to ensure compliance with cold chain product handling standards, particularly for vaccines.


DISTRIPHIL offers other services such as Product Registration, Patient Care and Health Care Services, Redressing, Bundling and Stickering of Medical Devices, and Pharmacovigilance Management.

Providing Care,
Improving Health

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