A good night’s sleep is often considered a luxurious gift that we can give ourselves, essential for rest, rejuvenation, and overall well-being.

Recognizing this, the HR team organized the second episode of the Wellness Hour series, focusing on the theme “How to Sleep Better“. Ms. Balot Del Rosario, a seasoned expert, led an engaging and informative session covering various crucial aspects:

1.The Risks of Insufficient Sleep

2.Understanding the Stages of Sleep

3.Common Sleep Disorders

4.Techniques for Improving Sleep Quality

5.Relaxation Strategies

6.Personal Insights and Tips from Ms. Balot

Attendees expressed high satisfaction with the session’s comprehensive coverage, particularly highlighting the relaxation techniques and personal tips shared by Ms. Balot. One participant remarked, “This activity is beneficial for us not just in our work, but in our daily lives.“

The HR team aims to support employees’ well-being, productivity, and overall performance by equipping employees with knowledge and practical tools to enhance their sleep quality. Prioritizing good sleep habits is not just a luxury, but a vital investment in both professional success and personal wellness.

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